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An Advanced
Address Management
Software System

Address Delta is an aesthetic software created by our team of programmers and designers at animedia, India.

In designing this product, it was our endeavor to simplify the processes and functionalities of such type of softwares while at the same time, incorporating powerful features which aren’t seen in other softwares of such type.

Address Delta is the achievement of our persistent efforts while striving for excellence. We are especially proud of features such as, the 'Offline Remote Delta for Online Coding'  as well as the 'Multiple Cross Relationship Display', which highly simplifies the daily entries of business card informations.

We feel that the Address Delta System is the perfect combination of a pleasing Graphical User Interface and powerful programming techniques, the type of software system which every office is badly in need of.

Come, explore the world of Address Delta to simplify and soften your work place.

Technical Specification

Hardware Requirement: 486 PC with CD ROM,
32 MB RAM, and 12 MB free disk space
Software Requirement Windows 95 and above
Resolution: Minimum 800 X 600 with Small Fonts