How to learn Address Delta ? (User manual)
To explain each and every process and aspects of address delta. The CD of Address Delta contains an multimedia tutor called ‘Explore AD’.

If you have not installed Address Delta then you can view it from the CD directly by double clicking the ‘ExploreAD.exe’ or If you have already installed then you can directly run ‘ExploreAD’ from ‘Address Delta’ menu from the ‘start menu’. Do not forget to place you CD inside the CD drive whenever you want to view ‘Explore AD’.

Know the ‘Explore Ad’ have the symbol of Delta formed by circles. You can move on the circles to view the topics covered by ‘Explore AD’. Just by clicking on the particular circle you can see and listen the entire process of the topic.

What is the Password for Editing ?
'ad' is the password for editing.
Is Address Delta (1.0) Single user or Multiuser Software?
Single User Software for one PC only.
What will happen if I lost my Validation Key ?
Incase of loss you have to purchase the complete software.
Incase of misuse or physical damage of key, replacement will be at user cost (Rs.500/-).
What is Offline Remote Delta System for online coding and for whom it is meant.
Offline Remote Delta  System is the System for working with address delta even when your computer is not plugged on. It makes the bridge between data operator & his/her boss. For more detail run the movie Explore AD and click on the picture of offline delta.
What is ADD DELTA directory and how can we get ?
Directories are ready to use data. One can get it from the net directly in zip form and can uncompress it in folder in your system. To install it in Address Delta you have to perform Add Delta procedure while selecting same folder. See the movie on Explore AD.
How much data can be saved in Address Delta?
More than one million.
How can we get online technical support for Address Delta ?
Online Technical support is provided to the legal user of Address Delta who have registered with us by sending back the registration form.
How can I keep my old database while reinstalling Address Delta ?
When you reinstall Address Delta select the custom installation and deselect the 'Database' option in Select Components windows. Mind well you must reinstall in same previous folder.
What will I do if my database file get corrupted due to media failure while restoring?
There is a auto backup for your database file before restoring of database in 'backup' folder. One can replaced existing 'Add.db' and 'Add.log' files with the files in 'backup' folder of your existing current folder where Address Delta is loaded.
What can be done if my first number of telephone 1, telephone 2, fax,tele fax is not visible ?
The reason for occurance of this problems is not keeping one blank space after the STD code while feeding OR not using the Auto Code feeding facility i.e. when you type three letters of any city ,city will appear press Enter Key then the codes will automatically be feeded.
Solution for this problem is first select city know go to Edit Data know  feed the password and press Edit City button and know just press save city button. Exit from the window and repeat for all cities.