F e a  t u r e s
Comparison Chart of Address Delta Ver 1.0 with respect to others:

F e a t u r e s  



User friendly Yes   No 
Easy access with Front page operations Yes No
Graphically systematized operations Yes No
Systematic help file to support online help Yes Not Specific
Establish relations by clicking on self-defined Delta connector Yes No
Multiple sorting & City based Classification to speed-up search Yes Not Specific
Default envelope attribute settings for varied sizes Yes Not Specific
Designing envelope layouts Yes No
Alphabetical classification with Scrolling Yes No
"Remote Delta" to create offline relation (connector) coding Optional No
Import Data Facility Yes Not Specific
Direct Cross and Multiple Relationship Display Yes No
Print order combines Random selection and Multiple Connector Yes No
Print Order displays current and total count Yes No
Direct printing from the front page Yes No
Postal mode options to facilitate choice on every envelope Yes No
Safeguarding against accidental dual printing of one record Yes No
Printing of envelope, sheet or labels as seen on the screen Yes Not Specific
Saving print orders as a print file with a new classification Yes No
Print Files permits further modification & re-printing Yes No
Options for fonts, font size & colour for envelope and labels Yes Not Specific
Tabular Sheet Customisation Yes No
One and Two column printing in linear sheets Yes No
Editing & Modification.....    
Renaming & Resetting of Delta connectors Yes No
Editing within selected records or through serial numbers Yes No
Password protects trespassing in Editing and Modification Yes No
Backup and Restore facilities to further secure data Yes No
Extended Feature.....    
ADD DELTA ready to use Customised Directory Plug-ins Yes No
Note: Comparison was made as per our research. It may vary from software to software.